My friends and I love to have our cards read. With other readers there were times I felt they were giving me personal advice.  I never feel Lisa is giving personal advice unless I ask her for it.  She never sugar coats what she is saying. I highly recommend her.  Jess H.
I love talking with Lisa.  She feels like an old friend that I can tell anything to.  Shannon T.
I hired Lisa for a family reunion and couldn’t be happier.  She was extremely professional and everyone had a great time.  Everyone was talking about her predictions.  There were definitely no lulls in the conversation thanks to her.  Will definitely use her again.  Linda J.                             
When I contacted you I was skeptical about having a tarot card reading.  You walked me through exactly what the tarot could and could not do for me.  You answered all of my questions about what to expect.  At the end of our session I was surprised at the insights you gave me.  I expected the reading to be matter of fact, but I felt like I was talking to someone who really cares.  Thank you for your help and being a friend to someone who really needed it.  Josie R.
I love to get readings all of the time, but never had one over the phone.  I was very skeptical because of the reputation of psychic lines.  The reading I had was one of the best ever.  I felt so much more comfortable being at home talking about things that are very emotional to me.  I never realized it but being in front of someone I felt I had to keep my emotions in check and held back.  I highly recommend getting a reading over the phone.  Melissa T.