Learn the Benefits of a Phone Reading...

Accurate tarot readings depend on the reader's ability to pick up psychic or intuitive information about the person being read. A common belief is that during an in-person reading there is an energy exchange between you and the tarot reader.

If this were true, a tarot reader would only be able to glean information that you are already aware of consciously or subconsciously. The goal of a successful reading is to be told things you do not know about. In order to achieve this knowledge, the tarot reader must have the ability to get information from a source other then you.

Phone readings tend to be more accurate then in-person readings for a few reasons; the tarot reader cannot be influenced or distracted by physical appearances (for instance, a wedding ring) or body language. By eliminating visual cues a tarot reader pushes their intellect aside and focuses on the messages they are receiving psychically or intuitively.

Additionally, many people seek guidance during a time when they are experiencing emotionally draining situations. People have a tendency to feel more comfortable in familiar or neutral surroundings, which allows them to be receptive to messages. Being in the privacy of your home will allow for immediate reaction to your feelings without trying to conceal your emotions until you get to a "safe" place. Allowing for instant reactions can be healing and more powerful then revisiting your thoughts later.

Phone readings set an atmosphere for honest introspection. When you are through with a reading you will be ready for the healing to begin in your life and not worrying about how you were perceived by the tarot reader.